Guatemala is a part of Central America. It has a population of 11 million people, situated across a verclant chunk of mountainous Central America. Guatemala is endowed with simply staggering natural, historical and cultural interest. Guatemala has 36 volcanoes, among them Tajumulco the highest peak in Central America. It also has 240km of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

This rural indigenous culture is far stronger here than anywhere else in the region.The diversity of Guatemalan landscape is astonishing not only is the culture legacy, combined with Guatemala’s mesmeric natural beauty that makes it the country so compelling for the adventure traveler.

Untill recently Guatemala was a name without a place, only being found and heard of by its troubled past or maybe a geography lesson. Not Anymore Guatemala is alive and awaiting your visit. If dirt and riding though valleys and trekking at Tikal for Mayan temples is what you like this will be just a small part of what you will see This tour will give you a full insight into this amazing country. Exploring the country by Motorcycle will only enhance your spirit of adventure.

When to go – The majority of Guatemala enjoys one of the most pleasant climates on Earth with typically warm or hot days and mild evenings all year round. Only in the lowlands does it become hot and humid. The immediate climate is largely governed by altitude, since most places of interest are between 1300 and 1800 meters. In the low-lying Peten it can be quite different, hot and humid most of the year. Guatemala shares borders with Mexico, Belice, Honduras and el Salvador.

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