Riding up Volcan de Agua is certainly a demanding ride. It will certainly involve a few rocks and ditches, it can certainly be descibed as techical. Riding around horses and people cutting and carrying wood is almost guaranteed. We ride to an altitude of 2700mts sometimes with some great veiws of Guatemala City.

Depending on the time of year generally Nov - March, if you are in good phisical shape We can continue our assent to the crator of this Volcano 3765mts

$109.00 based on 3 people

Approx 3hrs.

Extra Information

The Volcan De Agua is a stratovolcano, meaning that it’s a tall conical volcano with many layers of hardened lava and volcanic ash. It has been inactive since the mid 16th century but still has the potential to produce debris flows. At 3760 mas it dominates the local landscape except when hidden by cloud cover. The Volcan De Agua has been declared a protected area since 1956 and covers an area of 4450 ha.
Motorcycle, gas, quality crash helmets, knee and shin protectors, gloves, guide and a free t-shirt.

Our bikes are 2009/2010
Yamaha 175DT and Honda 200CTX.
  USD $59.00pp
Based on 3 people.

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