Security in Guatemala is generally good.
Before we start talking too much about how safe it is I think we should start with Common Sense and your personal level of risk you wish to take. Most probably you are a Motorcyclist so you certainly go up a level when it comes to risk, you maybe a safe sensible person that just wants to let it out that little more than your lifestyle and Job permit you, and why not, a little risk is always a part of life.

Well known expressions and Quotes
Example being in the right place at the wrong time.
When your numbers up its all over its all mapped out for us.
Whatever you want to think is your call, you decide, it's your life.
How safe and Sane are you anyway?
We can only make the best of what we have learnt and where we come from.
Maybe our education and previous experiences will help us in our future decisions.
Good Luck to everyone.


Lets get back to Motorcycle Tours / courses / lessons ect.

We know Guatemala; we know that there are some places that are just best avoided. Your Guidebook will also advice you, but last year is not present. We take most precautions available to secure our people, you are important to us. We cannot guarantee that riding here is Safer than Manhattan or Trafalgar square. But the atmosphere is certainly more relaxed and the terrain is just as wild. But with all this being said if you still want to get robbed and assaulted we can certainly advice some precarious places to visit and some crazy places to hang out. Good advice and local knowledge is your best friend wherever you hang out. .

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