Are you ready to learn to ride or just improve your two wheeled skills? You've surfed into the right page!

It's fair to say that CATours offers a learning package as good if not better than most other options available, we know this - we've checked around. When most people think of learning to ride a motorcycle they probably think about boring exams, tests and fees, which are all very relevant, but, these will never guarantee a passing grade, its only REAL WORLD riding that teaches you how to ride and we can help with that.

CAT Training is all about great value and training to give you the confidence and knowledge of how to ride a bike in a stress free environment. No pressure, no hassles. Just fun and riding bikes. What we know as a professional training centre is that everyone learns and understands how to ride at a different pace, so whatever your pace is, is where we will start. We tailor our course to your skill set. No problem.


Have you ever considered learning how to ride a motorcycle but for many reasons just never got around to it?

Maybe you already ride but would like to improve your skills? No matter what you are looking for - we can meet your needs!

But first of all the basics have to be understood. This course concentrates on motorcycle familiarization, clutch control, throttle control, riding posture, and four basic skills: Straight-line riding, shifting. Turning and stopping: and includes limited space maneuvers, cornering, counter steering and swerving. We provide our students with crash helmets and when we venture to the roads we also provide other safety equipment. You will learn all the very important aspects of riding. During this time you will be exploring many new places as well as riding many off road tracks around Antigua, and we shall take a two day excursion to the awesome Lake Atitlan.

Well, Guatemala is probably one of the best places you can ride: it is full of diversity and challenges that are all very real in knowing how to handle your bike. Guatemala has what it takes to learn motorcycle safety and it is also the perfect playground for learning motorcycle skills such as riding up volcanoes (no paved roads here).

Learning to ride a motorcycle is about freedom and for a lot of people the adventure of exploring new places. Riding through mountainous roads with spectacular scenery is all part of training.
  Motorcycle, gas, quality crash helmets, knee and shin protectors, gloves, --guide and a free t-shirt.

Good, Clean, Secure Accomodation at the bikers lodge.

All our bikes are 2009/2010

USD $1249pp
Based on 3 people.




This course is about advancing your Motorcycle skills in many ways. Its basically about riding days, experience comes with time and practice And on this cource you will be covering a multitude of  different roads and Road safety will be one of our many prioridads that will ensure that apart From great road excursions you will get road smart to other road users. Riding in Guatemala will give you a natural advantage in aquiring these Very important survival skills.

This cource is not about Sports bike riding, its primaraly about back roads and Off road riding in a incredable diverse landscape that will not only undoubtably Enhance your riding abilities but give you one hell of a good riding holiday, After all we never forget that having fun is a great part of riding.

It’s very likely  you're a motorcyclist interested in learning new advanced motorcycle riding skills to become a safer rider by improving your overall riding ability, well this is a great place to start. You could also be a new learner that is looking for what is out there to just give you more road confidence.

If,you're scanning the net to see what's on offer like we all do, and you want advance riding skills you have most certainly come to the right place.

So if you are looking for a fun packed vacation with the full interest of learning how to ride a motorcycle this could be just the opportunity you have been waiting for. All our riders and instructors are British and have been riding in central america for many years. Riding motorcycles and staying safe is our business, lets make it yours.

  Motorcycle, gas, quality crash helmets, knee and shin protectors, gloves, --guide and a free t-shirt.

Good, Clean, Secure Accomodation at the bikers lodge.

All our bikes are 2009/2010

USD $1399pp
Based on 3 people.

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